Apple is a technology company that is doing everything in its power to make it possible for someone to access every part of their online life through any device without having to install a ton of apps or jump through a bunch of hoops. With Apple iCloud, anyone with an Apple device will automatically have access to their own cloud storage – 5MBs worth. Once activated, the phone will automatically back up all images, games and data onto the cloud so that if something happens to their device, they can still have all of their data readily available to them. However, this isn’t all that Apple has to offer their customers.

Find My Device

Many people have learned the value of Find My Phone from Apple. However, this feature isn’t relegated to just phones. Any Apple device that is registered under the account holders user name can be included in this service. The only catch is that the lost device needs to be connected to the internet in order to be located. If it’s in someones home, or it’s a phone connected to the internet through their phone provider, this may not be an issue. But if someone loses their wifi enabled device in an area with no wifi, then the app won’t be able to find it.

Find My Friends

Another fun feature is the ability to find the location of other people. This can be comforting to parents that want to keep track of their kids. In order to make this work, each phone has to be enabled to be found. The phone owner also has to give permission to be seen by someone else. This ensures that a stalker can’t monitor someone without their knowing.

Family Connections

Social media isn’t the only way to keep family in touch with life’s goings on. With the family share feature, anyone can share photos, ideas, grocery lists or ideas with their family members wherever they may be. It’s even possible to provide access to payment features so that purchases can be made on the account holders credit card – if that’s something they want to do.

Having an Apple device isn’t a requirement for every Apple app, but these three things require this. If you want to know what your phone offers, start by checking out the iCloud by visiting