How to Choose the Right Fall Protection Rail Provider

Studies have shown that a significant amount of injuries reported at home and the workplaces related to falls. In all states, it is mandatory for employers to put up systems that will ensure the safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines from the regulatory authorities. Moreover, injured employees can also file claims against the employers to be compensated for any damages incurred as a result of the falls.

There are various regulations employers should follow to keep the workplace safe. For example, if there is any leading edge that is over 4 feet, this is considered a fall hazard. To protect your employees from fall over such edges, you will need a fall protection abatement plan.

Fall protection abatement needs to be taken seriously in every workplace. The lives of your employees may depend on the fall protection systems you choose and provide your work with. Follow the four tips below to find the right fall protection provider.

Experience of the Provider
Experience is one of the crucial things to consider before choosing a fall protection provider. The best provider to hire would be one that installs guard rails and other fall protection systems for companies in your industry. A specialized provider will know the particular fall challenges in your industry and device appropriate systems to abate them.

Before selecting a provider, inquire about its past clients. Are there any clients you recognize from those that the provider has installed rail guards before?

Where Does Liability Fall?
You should also find out whether your it’s your company or the fall protection provider that will be liable for system failures. Accidents can still happen even when guard rails have been installed on the roof and other high places in your workplace. For example, guard rails that are not properly installed or that have become loose will be a danger to your employees. Find out whether the company will assume liability of any failure of the system. You should expect any reputable fall protection provider to assume liability for any system failures.

Documentation of the Roof Protection
It is important to know how to operate and maintain the fall protectors installed at your workplace. Find out from the provider whether your employees will be taught about maintaining the system. Apart from this, request for a comprehensive documentation of the system from the installer. Confirm that the protection system that the installer has meets all the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Cost of the System
The last thing to check is the cost of the system. Find out how much you will pay to have a comprehensive fall protection system installed in your workplace.

The above are some things to consider when looking for a fall protection provider.

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