How to Buy the Best Menstrual Cups

The hygiene for women reproductive system has been transforming to the better. The menstruations are known to compose a focal point on woman’s life. The woman ought to be fully prepared when the menstruation occurs. The menstruation flow should be collected in a safe and hygienic way. One of the innovations that help women to collect the menstrual flow in a safe and hygienic manner is the menstrual cups. Today, there exist several brands of the menstrual cups in the market. Buying the best menstrual cup is vital if you are to have a comfortable experience with the menstrual cups. Follw this guide for the best menstrual cups.

Most of the people are confused on whether to measure or not to measure. Measuring the size of woman body organ is one way of doing it. The woman should then buy a cup that fits her size.The amount of menstrual flow expected by a women is another way of measuring it.

A woman who experiences heavy bleeding should buy a larger cup. However, avoid too large cups that could make you uncomfortable. Still, some propose use of cervix information as the best measure. The cervix position could be low, medium or high. For those who trust clinical procedures, you can ask the gynaecologist to choose the best size for you. The majority of cups are classified as small or large and size one or size two. Despite all this, trial and error is the only way to get the best fit.

To identify the best cup for you, it is nice to read some menstrual cup reviews. This will help you to sort them and narrow down to few. Another quality to be considerate on is the cup firmness. You can look for a cup that can be durable, expansive or medical grade. The elasticity and strength of the vaginal walls matters in the level of firmness that is suitable. If you do sport much, then, your vaginal walls are stronger and would require firmer cups.

They are women who would love firm cups, other lighter ones while other would consider medical grade cups.It should be easy to insert, comfortable and keep you mess-free. Have a check on some reviews and manufacturer product details to learn about the firmness of the menstrual cup.

Best menstrual cups are also easy to care for. The menstrual cups are reusable meaning that it saves money and the environment. For hygiene purposes, you must clean them regularly and thoroughly Use unscented soap or body wash to keep the cup germ free. You can use the mooncup for extra dose of sanitation.

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